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> My god, you still allow CSOs?

Yeah. Now you see why it takes 6 or 7 years to figure out where a source
point coliform problem is coming from in a little ditched creek with an army
of graduate students on the task, why the beach-in-Maumee Bay State Park
closes every summer for either coliform or microcystis or both-in-the same
time, why the postings on the Ottawa River to avoid contact have to stay up,
even though when we tested the water for the dam removal study, that it came
out about as clean of coliform as you could hope for in the midwest.

And, unfortunately, the predominant ego-supported conclusion (I like this
new catchphrase ;) is that it's "some bad evildoer polluter someplace else"
that's causing all the problems...

Instead of realizing that new shopping strip where we like to buy things
(hey I shop-in-Gander Mountain too! ;) with the 30 acre parking lot that
flows into two little detention ponds, where it was once forest and old
field, is equally, if not more so,-in-cause for the problem as some guy just
trying to save a buck and not have a professional install his leech field.
The county engineers and developers are generally apathetic about how far
they'll go to make a surface water plan that's feasible in a sustainable
way... We ALL end up becoming the problem.

That's why we gotta show people these fish wether it makes new NANFAns or
not... We have an easy segueway to the public stakeholder into realizing
<this is key!> on their own <this is key!> what the threat is... Instead of
preaching-in-them that THEY are the problem. We're all in this together,
and is where, in my opinion, the public face of the environmental movement
has failed humanity as grossly as the few dead soul developers who do
"really only care about the money".

The Muddy Maumee Madness, Toledo, OH
It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

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