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> Todd (and others), the dead souls are far beyond the "few .......
> developers ......."

Here's where the Matrix analogy comes into play, and perhaps can provide a
different perspective in our situation...

The city council are "unawakened", as are the greater majority of the
public, and are under the influence of the civil servants who are to inform
them of the best possible plan, which economic growth sounds pretty good
where there was "nothing", right? The council is also unaware that there's
anything living in "THAT" and when the civil servants (who are probably
themselves unawakened) are giving what sounds like a forward thinking idea
about what to do with some acres, as opposed to leaving it as a fallow
mosquito heaven... Which sounds good or bad, if that's all the information
you had?

So they're not heartless dead souls... Give 'em a break, they're just living
their lives the best way they know how, with what information they have.
Sure, they're still dangerous because they could turn into an "agent"... But
they were never aware that they were... It wasn't a role they perfomed
mindfully. And really... Are our real life "Smiths" going to physically
harm us? The worst they can do is pull some more beauracratic savantism and
approve something like the thorn in Jeff's and my side, the Central Avenue
Plan. We arrived too late for that one ;)

But... We did have about 30 influential people in our county stormwater
community clacking Unionid valves together a couple months ago... This is
the only way eyes get open, and it IS an investment, if only in time. Guys
in suits and ties closely inspecting things called fat muckets and
pistolgrips and purple wartybacks that were all unique and interesting and
live in that "cesspool" behind the building known as the Maumee River.

However, there are the "Cipher" characters, who know full well what they're
doing, know full well what lives "THERE", teach their children to say "If I
could have a bucket of fish or a bucket of money, I'd take the money"....
Those, my friend, I consider the dead souls :)

If Jeff would like to fill in how we're proposing working with the SWCD's...
That'd be good. There's already infastructure if you've got Ed Specialists
who are willing to work with you (and I've yet to meet one who didn't). I'm
already typing too much these days and need to get my print outs of mussel
lures going here before I loose access to the color printer and have to pay
at Kinkos tonight lol In any case... We hope to enable you all with the
photos that we've been collecting. So maybe this Education Push is already
under way :)

The Madness (tm)

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