Re: NANFA-L-- The myth of restoration?

geoffrey kimber (
Fri, 6 May 2005 14:00:11 -0400

One major problem is that trees don't pay taxes and wal-mart does.
When decision makers look-in-essentially free money, it's hard to say
no, no matter how much they might individually love the environment.

Additionally, the land owner has the right to sell the land to any s/he wants

On top of that, if the council does not approve the development, they
might be facing a legal challenge from wal-mart who has infinitely
deeper pockets than most cities do.

It never surprises me when land is developed. There are just too many
factors in favor of it and too few factors against it.

Even 'comprehensive land use plans' fall by the wayside quite often if
enough money is waved about.

Geoff Kimber
Fredericksburg, VA
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