Re: NANFA-L-- first snorkel of 2006

Todd D. Crail (tcrail-in-UTNet.UToledo.Edu)
Fri, 5 May 2006 15:37:10 -0400

You're talking to the guys who get excited when they can see their feet in 1
foot of water :)

If it's Chick creek, I have to wonder if it isn't getting compromised on
Lookout Mtn from the top down. There was a schlode of development going on
up there around DeSoto, can't imagine it's any different closer to
Chattynoo. They're ripping down what new growth there is, and putting in
lawns to prelude their views, or make views so people on the inside of the
road can see across too. The algae might be a response to the new status of
the ground water, either from fertilizer, or missed opportunity for
absorption and uptake; the silt is decaying algae.

I mean would it really suck that bad to have azaleas as your "lawn"? Cause
you know... Turf grows so well on granite and sandstone.


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> hey todd... my dissappointment was-in-chickamauga's crawfish springs. lots
> of times springs are not productive / diverse anyway and this one has been
> the town's center for years w/ all kinds of human activity around it
> including old school manufacturing.
> the other dissappointment was the heavy siltation, muck and mire in one of
> my favorite sites... but as i said once i got above the side stream a
world of
> wonder greeted me. rainbows, snubs and redlines are never a
dissapointment! i
> cant find a direct cause for the siltation tho... a bit of a mystery.
> as for snorkeling south chick... only the number of fingers on my right
> have i been able to snorkel that. its orgins are to the south... farmlands
> and but the beautiful lush tn divide straddling pigeon mountain. very
> water from the excessive nutrients and sunlight but not much silt on my
> stretch. plenty of long gravel runs. 3' has been the max visibility while
> snorkeling. things have to come to you in that visibility. i find it best
to plant
> myself in a good spot and wait.
> casper
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