Re: NANFA-L-- Re: Chinese Sturgeon on AquaBid

Michael Sandel (
Tue, 9 May 2006 17:30:16 -0700 (PDT)

As a regular aquabid user, I appreciate the services provided, and do not place blame on the staff. I obviously wouldn't have found the auction if I wasn't a customer. However, I agree with the responses that suggest regulations on what species can and cannot be posted. I also understand that in certain circumstances, hobbyists can positively affect the survival of imperiled species (like killies). I have seen quite a few imperiled species on aquabid before, even a fly river turtle (a long time ago, could have been captive bred), but I have never observed a solicitor with such audacity. By the way, I sent a similarly presaged email to a gentleman selling Corbicula "golden clams" for $0.01. He responded politely and withdrew his auction the same day.

Also, I wouldn't dismiss this Acipenser as a farm raised species from the U.S., his other auctions are Datnoides and Arapaima, both of which are extremely rare and not (to my knowledge) bred in captivity. In other words, he really does "have his ways".

Hopefully, this fish will be placed in a public aquarium, and the gentleman will be made keenly aware of his wrongdoing. Thanks to those who contacted the USFWS
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