Re: NANFA-L-- Re: Chinese Sturgeon on AquaBid

Mysteryman (
Tue, 09 May 2006 21:01:45 -0700

Doug Sharp wrote:

>I registered on aquabid with user name "uscustomsagent". Emailed him that if he turned it in voluntarily to the local
>authorities the penalty would be reduced.
>No reply yet.
Heh,heh.. that's pretty funny.

I suppose that someone should mention what will really be the end result
of all your concern & do-gooding:
This guy will get nailed,
Aquabid will get nailed, possibly to the detriment of.. well, US,
and finally, the fish will be destroyed.

That's right. This fish for which ya'll care so much will only be killed
by the goons who "rescue" it from the seller. It happens every single
time. Ask any herp keeper. The people-in-enforcement are simply not
capable or interested in sending the fish back home to China or in
finding it a nice home-in-some zoo or aquarium. It will instead sit
around in some primitive container for a few days while the wheels of
beaurocracy oh-so-slowly turn, and then it will die.
It never fails. Your tax dollars-in-work.
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