NANFA-L-- Rainbow Darters looking for a home

Earl Blewett (
Thu, 11 May 2006 08:56:28 -0500

Dear FishFolk,

I have 5-6 rainbow darters and a bluefin killie (they go together) looking
for a home.
I've decided not to run my chiller this summer as I didn't get the diapteron
killifish after all. It is getting hot in Oklahoma and I don't think they
guys will make it through the summer.

These are tank raised, full grown fish. They didn't colour up much but we
had a very warm spring. They eat pellet food, supplemented with newly
hatched brine shrimp and frozen bloodworms and frozen adult brine shrimp.

Shipping by priority will be about $11.

Any interest please email me off

Earl Blewett Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Microbiology
Dept. of Biochemistry and Microbiology
Oklahoma State University
Center for Health Sciences
College of Osteopathic Medicine
1111 W 17 St. Tulsa, OK 74107

Office: (918) 561-8405
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