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See page 33 of the NANFA Checklist Part I:

Stramineus has been conserved over ludibundus.

Opinion 1991, Bull. Zool. Nomencl. 59(1), March 2002.

Chris Scharpf

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> I guess Notropis stramineus is referred to as Notropis ludibundus now, at
> least by some folks. Just thought I'd pass that detail along. Also,
> Notropis volucellus is pretty similar to stramineus too.
> Taxonomic Comments: Because the name NOTROPIS STRAMINEUS is a junior
> Mayden and Gilbert (1989) proposed that the specific name STRAMINEUS
> should be replaced by the name LUDIBUNDUS. This change was adopted by Page
> and Burr (1991). However, the name LUNDIBUNDUS has been unused since its
> original proposal. A petition has been submitted to the ICZN to conserve
> the familiar name STRAMINEUS. Pending the ICZN decision, the 1991 AFS
> checklist (Robins et al. 1991) retained the name as N. STRAMINEUS.
> Published opinion supports conservation of the specific name STAMINEUS
> (Bull. Zool. Nomen. 57:111-112).
> From
> stramineus
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