NANFA-L-- Old story, new twist?
Mon, 15 May 2006 03:34:32 EDT

The other day I suggested that we consider introducing certain fish into our
North American River systems, some exotic fish that are not only endangered
in their natural habitat but in many cases their natural habitat it's self is
indeed endangered. Now before every gets out their flame throwers hear me
out. First of all I am not comparing these fish to accidental releases of fish
who were doing quite well in their old habitat. The list is long and sad of
fish that have been released through aquariums, pond overflow, and intentional
release so some exotic could be caught by someone who was an immigrant as
We have released carp, peacock bass, various trout out side their range,
flathead catfish, Blue catfish, channel catfish, large mouth bass, small
mouth bass, pike, walleye, perch, bluegills (and other related fish). I am sure
I am leaving out several others but the point is that these fish were
released outside their range for one reason, to please the angler. We all know how
good or badly these releases turned out. There has been talk about releasing
African animals to the Great Plains due to lack of habitat in Africa, while I
am not so sure about going for a walk and running into a lion or a bull
elephant in musk. We as a group have the pull (true a very small pull) to get fish
released into our water ways for reasons other than the benefit of anglers,
for the preservation of unique species of fish that are unlikely to cause as
much trouble as big headed carp, or flathead catfish. Some of my ideas are
Pseudoscaphirhynchus kaufmanni, Pseudoscaphirhynchus hermanni, Psephurus
gladius, _Paddlefsih_ ( , Pangasius gigas,
maybe even a place could be found for the dwarf alligator or Orcaella breviros
tris. Can you give me why these fish deserve not to be treated -in-least as
well as fish imported from perfectly good habitats simply to thrill anglers?
What could be worse than the aggressive fish that dominate their own
environments being imported here so they can be excitement for someone catching a fish
on rod and reel? Are the disease any worse from fish who are barely hanging
on compared to fish who dominate their environments? We have accepted so many
exotics against our will, exotics who didn't need our help how can we not
allow our selves to help relatively benign exotics who need our help
desperately? If our waters are going to be a mishmash of exotics why shouldn't a few of
those exotics be in need of a home instead of just expanding their already
huge and healthy range? I've got on my asbestos suit so fire away dudes!

Michael Hissom
aurea mediocritas
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