Re: NANFA-L-- Old story, new twist?
Mon, 15 May 2006 10:29:21 EDT

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To tell you the truth, I think it's probably already too late for many
of the species on your list. Our own Paddlefish have their own problems,
and making them compete with the chinese ones wouldn't be good for
either them OR the chinese ones.
the chinese paddlefish is a preditor, not a filter feeder.

Somehow I doubt that Mekong Catfish
would be anything resembling "benign" given that they must be pure
eating machines.
They are not the eating machines you would think, mostly eating like a carp.
Not predatory-in-all, but it's doubtful our water would be warm enough for
them any way. they are difficult to catch, usually caught on bread.

Besides, our own anglers would wipe them out in no time
flat, assuming that we could even get enough of them to feasibly start a
colony. The sturgeons might be okay, assuming once again that we could
even get enough of them to make a go of it, and also assuming that
whatever is wiping out our own native ones doesn't just wipe out the
exotics as well, which would of course wind up doing more total harm to
these species than good.
However, there is some room for a few big "ifs."
IF you could find a place to put them that didn't have similar native
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