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I have to say, surely you can't be serious.

Actually that is why I changed my e-mail to the thought experiment. While I
still think the dwarf sturgeon could be released with little or no harm. it is
obvious that we cannot carry out the experiment for real on most species of
fish. No matter how appealing it might be to up the disparity of the species
of animals that inhabit the Mississippi simply going out and introducing
freshwater seals to see what would happen (even though some game fish
introductions seem to be carried out in this manner) I would like to see some time given
to the possibility of increasing the diversity and disparity of the river as
a thought experiment only. We as group certainly have-in-least the brain
power to study the consequences of such releases behind closed doors instead of
behind the open valve of a truck full of fingerlings the consequences of
release have little or study behind them.
Carnivorous paddlefish, freshwater seals, dwarf alligators, freshwater
spidercrabs, freshwater stone crabs, giant crayfish, freshwater flounders, and
Wels catfish. Are my choices. (yes I thought I'd get in a few before someone
came up with the idea of limiting the number of new animals any one person
can propose!

Michael Hissom
aurea mediocritas
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