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Overall, originally, I think Moon was just looking-in-simply entertaining
the idea of introducing something that could be benign, yet fill a void
somehow, as a way to save a species. something benign, as perhaps say a
dandelion is in a field.....but I don't know that introductions of anything
into the aquatic environment would be totally benign, and that was the idea
to be pondered.

Obviously any introduced species is going to have some effect. I'm not
completely sure but I think that blue catfish are introduced in the Cape Fear
River but I I understood Fritz correctly study of stomach contents is mostly the
little Asian clams. so maybe the Asian clams are being controlled somewhat-in-
least by another exotic. I would still like to see some data that would
support Pseudoscaphirhynchus hermanni as being a danger to the overall ecosystem
and why is it ok to chance release an aggressive game fish and not a much less
aggressive tiny sturgeon. If I had to take a chance I would take a chance on
a predatory paddle fish than a peacock bass. Look-in-the places where
stripped bass have been released behind damns along with flathead catfish. No one
seems to worry about any damage from those two predators why would it be such
a sin to try to save predatory paddle fish or the tiny sturgeon. for that
matter if money is the lubricant that keeps these things going think of the
prophet that could be made from breeding the tiny sturgeon! But no Cites would
rather see the fish become extinct than possibly a buck be made from breeding
them. Find a river that runs into the sea so that the new fish cannot spread
to another river, breed the tiny sturgeon. Grow them out to adults and release
into this river. I know I have a one track mind but the people who make
these decisions make me look positively wishy washy. Here is the site about the
Chinese paddlefish. there are people trying to breed them, trying to save them
from extinction sometimes it looks like cites is more a problem than it is a
savior for these endangered fishes. _Paddlefsih_

Michael Hissom
aurea mediocritas
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