Re: NANFA-L-- Good Quote Earth Attacked!STOP THIS THREAD!

Peter Unmack (peter.lists at)
Fri, 19 May 2006 14:24:47 -0500 (CDT)

On Fri, 19 May 2006, Jerry Baker wrote:
> Hoover, Jan J ERDC-EL-MS wrote:
> And you want those type of people on the list why? If you can't skip a
> couple off-topic messages, it seems to me like that's not my problem,
> but yours. This hasn't got out of hand. It hasn't devolved into a
> million-post thread having no relation to fish. No one is calling
> anybody names. Nobody is getting worked up except for you. What is your
> problem?

For the most part I was impressed that this discussion didn't degenerate
very far, it shows the list has matured somewhat as compared to days of
the past. But the discussion has drifted significantly, there were a
large volume of posts, and we need to be a little sensitive to other list
members. Sure, I can hit delete, and you can hit delete, but many people
just say why am I wasting time wading through this crap when I want to
hear about native fishes and leave the list, which is to no-ones

Anyway, I felt that this thread had gone far enough and it was time to
bring it to an end. Perhaps we can move on and ignore further posts on
this whole issue or else we are just going to create another email thread
with nothing to do with native fishes.

Peter Unmack
Provo River, UT
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