Gary Elson or Mary Frauley (
Sat, 27 May 2006 07:35:59 -0400

I used bloodworms for years, and developed an extreme allergy to the
creatures. It began as you described and I didn't take it seriously. Then I
almost stopped breathing after an accidental direct contact. I have a friend
who feeds them a lot in a commercial set-up, and I now can't even put my
hands in the water of his tanks without very unpleasant itching. It almost
burns. My understanding is that it's a protein similar to that found in
dust mites that sets us off with them, but I've not had that tested.

Freeze dried is more dangerous than frozen, as it powders and can be
accidentally inhaled.

I only react to this food, like Rob. Others I've spoken with who have the
same allergy have all described a gradual progression leading to
"catastrophe" - itching to hand swelling and redness to, in the worst cases,
shock. I would find an alternative immediately. It won't get better - it
could get very bad. I went from itching and being annoyed to nearly choking
to death with no warning, after having used the product without problem for
close to 10 years.

Run away!


I was wondering.... If anyone has suffered severe allergic reactions to
worms, both frozen and freeze dried. My hands and eyes start itching similar
to mild poison ivy. If anyone has had similar reactions, please share your
story, and if anyone actually knows just what it might be IN this food that
causes this reaction, I would like to know. I have a nasty reaction to only
this fish food. I don't eat it of course.

Rob Carillio
Mahoning River Drainage,
Ohio-North America
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