Mysteryman (
Sat, 27 May 2006 07:46:36 -0700

I've been blessed by not having any noteworthy allergies, except for
horse-serum based medicines like tetanus shots.

Toxicodendron type plants don't phase me, no foods bother me, and
bloodworms haven't been a problem. I do wonder about beestings, though.
I used to be a beekeeper, and in the first few years the stings were no
problem for me other than the usual painful annoyance they're supposed
to be. Time & time again I've heard about how over time beekeepers
become pretty much immune to the stings, but in spite of that I started
having worse & worse reactions. One day there was an accident and a hive
tipped over, and in seconds flat I was a walking bee-tree. I got stung
over 80 times, and, to put it simply, I had a very lousy week.
A few weeks after that I got stung again, but the swelling, pain &
redness were far worse than normal. I gave up beekeeping-in-that point,
and haven't been stung once in years. What do you guys think? Am I
probably allergic to them now, or do allergies work that way? Was that
bad sting a result of the recent heavy exposure, or am I likely now
permanently allergic, or if I was, might it have worn off by now anyway?
This is something I suppose I really oughta know, but I don't relish the
thought of experimentation, so I'm hoping some of you are experts on the
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