Gary Elson or Mary Frauley (
Sat, 27 May 2006 10:48:55 -0400


I use turkey basters to mix during thawing, facilitate drainage with a net,
and use the basters to do any "touch up" work after I've dumped it. If
not enough to avoid skin contact, wear latex or rubber gloves and keep your
fingers out of your eyes and mouth (the gloves will help you do that ;).


Again, being the voice of doom and gloom - techniques like Todd is
describing worked perfectly for me for a couple of years when I thought the
worst that could happen was itchiness and skin irritation. It only took one
spill to give me the scariest allergic reaction I have ever had. I was
alone, and frankly should have had an epi-pen and hospitalization. I've had
first aid training since, and when I listened to the description of an
anaphylactic shock reaction during the course, I realized how far into one I
had gone. I was an idiot not to go to hospital, but I was also an idiot to
use a product I had had an allergic reaction to when there were

Frankly, my own carelessness aside, some things aren't worth it. My fish
have bred and generally flourished without any bloodworm in my set-up for a
couple of years. You don't need to use it, as good and convenient as it is.
My strong advice is that if you react in even a minor fashion, discontinue
use and never use this food again.

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