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Wed, 31 May 2006 11:21:33 -0400

Can anyone help with this fish ID? I think it's a Longnosed Gar. Also, this
group who runs www.highlandssanctuary is interested in having a few NANFA
people come out to do some fish id-ing in their streams. This is a place few
people get to see and the scenery, alone, is worth the trip! Please read below
for further details.

Rob C.
Mahoning River Drainage

HI Rob,
How are things up north? Attached is a picture of I think a long-nosed gar.
Can you confirm and read the emails below? Can you tell me something about
this fish that I can pass onto Alice and the others?

Also I am weary of being fish ignorant. Are you willing to come down this
summer and give me and some of our volunteers a one or two day introduction to
the fish of the Rocky Fork and maybe the Scioto Brush Creek? I really feel
our ignorance in this arena is unforgiveable. We don't have money, but I can
give you great food and lodging, and if you want to stay 1-2 days longer and
just recreate and hike, that is a possibility too. Let me know what you think.
We would probably have to do this during the week to have our volunteers and
staff free. I want to start incorporating aquatics much heavier in our
education. I am woefully ignorant. Sometimes being a fisherperson in one's
youth is an advantage, one I never had.

Warmly, Nancy



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