Re: NANFA-L-- snakehead news clip

Mysteryman (bestfish at
Thu, 13 Oct 2005 07:42:55 -0700

When they say this fish is here to stay, they mean it. Not many other
fish in this country go to such extraordinary lengths to provide for
their fry, and while they don't have hundreds or thousands at a time
like most others, their young have a very high survival-to-adulthood
rate. They are also of course as tough as nails and nearly
indestructible. Despite all this I'm still a bit shocked by the
phenomenal rate at which their population is growing, but I guess I
shouldn't be. I guess the Snakehead is going to be the "Oscar" of the
northern states.

Well, if it's to be the Oscar of the north, it may as well be put to
good use like the Oscar was. These snakeheads are here because they're
supposed to be very tasty, so hey, let's eat! It might turn out that
they're as yummy as advertised, and since they're so new & fast-growing,
maybe they won't have the biomagnification of pollutants problem that we
see in so many other species. ( hey, I can dream, can't I? ) They are
also pretty good sportfish, I gather, putting up one heck of a fight? A
no-limit, no-production-cost sportfish might prove very attractive on
many fronts in the long run, unless anglers give up other fish to pursue
them exclusively.

If some method can be found to eradicate them quickly without wreaking
absolute havoc on the whole Potomac Drainage, then I'm all for it, of
course. My therapist just wants me to try to see the sunny side of
things, though. LOL! At any rate, just sitting around without some plan
of action being implemented for yet another season will only make the
problem that much more unmanageable.
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