Re: NANFA-L-- cement pond survey

Prizma at
Thu, 8 Sep 2005 16:49:54 EDT

thanks todd for the compliments.
yea this fish thing is fun w/ knowledge, exploration, experience and
friendships. i do have a lot of fun indeed!
sand... maybe i missed it. are you talking about a fluidized sand filter
thingamajig or just using sand as a substrate?
one thing that is awesome about the cement pond is the constant crystal
clarity and the proliferation of plants. i had read an article in the mother
earth magazine ( great, great reading all the time ) about making a swimmable
natural chemical free swimming hole using plants as your filtration ststem. it
rocks. no burning chlorine eyes and sinus's. i knew i was on the right target
reading the article. all my children swim in it, aand cerulean snorkels w/ me.
no ill effects, easy & cheap maintenance, cool fish buddies, interesting
seasonal changes and a great place to cool off after yard work. :)

you might be a fishhead if...
thats a great idea. could be a top 10 list too. i gotta think up some good
ones! i like yours!
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