Re: NANFA-L-- Re: Keeping Sculpins

Moontanman at
Sun, 18 Sep 2005 02:12:51 EDT

I don't know how important this effect is or if it would a reliable source of
cool or warm water but I've felt it while noodling for cat fish and snapping
turtles, you can feel the cool water under banks, ledges and large rocks. I've
also seen it from scuba diving in a local lake. One called Silver Lake, it
was so warm at the surface it tired you out if you tried to swim hard swim in
it. I used to float around among the shallow water plants for hours some times.
Large mouth bass would swim under my chest and sit there in the shade and I
could feel his dorsal fin waving against my chest. But if you went down about 10
feet the there was a thermocline you could see and when you swam onto it felt
like ice water. Most of the fish in the lake were in the top hot water only a
few white bullheads and a few carp or two were in the deep cool water.
Eutrofacation has ruined this lake and it is now a dark lake polluted with run off
from septic tanks. I know, way to much information.

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