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<< Any

suggestions or drawbacks that you folks see? >>

A couple of comments, not necessarily drawbacks. I have observed over 60
years of pond maintenance that water lilies do not seem to like circulating water.
Perhaps because they like cool roots and warm leaves. I also prefer in-ground
pools because of the temperature moderation of the ground. The other comment
I should mention is the essential feature that you must establish early in the
planning is that water is always level and a pool rim should be as close to
level as possible. There is no better level than the filled pool. The first
pool I made was concrete and when the pool was a few days old I filled it and
found the rim was an inch off level. Fortunately I could drain it and add some
more concrete and it lasted for 35 years until my parents died and the house was
sold in 1980. It is easier to correct plastic lined pools.

Lee Harper
Media, PA
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