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Sun, 18 Sep 2005 15:32:08 -0400

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> A couple of comments, not necessarily drawbacks. I have observed over 60
> years of pond maintenance that water lilies do not seem to like circulating
> water.
> Perhaps because they like cool roots and warm leaves. I also prefer in-ground
> pools because of the temperature moderation of the ground. The other comment

Thanks Lee, I was thinking about your earlier comments about water lilies when I
was drafting this plan. I DO want lilies, but I also want moving water for the
raceway and spillway. Do you think lilies will not grow at all, or just not do
as well? Also, do you think 1/2 day of direct sunlight is enough?

I did give consideration to digging a hole, but the idea of moving all that dirt
was just too daunting. I enjoy working with wood, and I think this will look
really nice when I am done. Especially if I build some type of wooden backdrop
for plants and stuff, maybe some more waterfall-type stuff. I can do this in
phases, so I don't have to nail all that down just yet.

As have absolutely no experience with ponds, but I do have enough construction
savvy to make this thing plenty strong, and well-leveled.


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