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Mon, 19 Sep 2005 11:45:49 EDT

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> i have lots of plants, mostly water primrose, cattails, and sedges in
> my inground, lined pond. The pond is 12 feet long, eight feet wide,
> two feet deep, filtered. i still have to harvest filamentous algae
> periodically or they become a mass over the surface and choking the
> primroses. i have mosquitofish and two longears which i never feed.

I know this might not make much sense but I've found that filtration seems to
promote algae growth. After the first year the higher plants became
established enough to out compete the plants. I don't use pots except when the plants
are new and then I use plastic mesh pots the plants can grow out of. I also use
lots of local snails and clams so that might make a difference too since the
clams are basically filter feeders.

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