NANFA-L-- moon's sturgeons

Prizma at
Mon, 19 Sep 2005 11:45:09 EDT

i was wandering around pigeon mountain and came across a georgia state
hatchery that had thousands of lake sturgeons indoors in long 2' deep tanks. they
were cute and only about 2 inches long. there was even a two headed sturgeon
in one!
i asked the director if i could have a couple to try in the cement pond. i
dont think they would do well but they had so many i thought what the heck...
why not give it a try.

he said they were worth their weight in gold and my request was friendly
denied. :(

i think a sturgeon would need a mucky bottom full of microlife. is this

now a paddlefish i think could do well. a long drive to kentucky to get one
is required tho. that was an interesting arkansas talk on the paddlefish. one
of my top ten dissappointments of the ark convention ( ala chris's top ten
highlights :) was not getting to sample any paddlefish caviar!
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