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> My personal opinion is that one of the saddest developments of the last
> 20 years or so in our society is the notion that all positions on an
> issue are equally valid and deserve equal treatment. Some positions are
> just incorrect no matter how emotionally attached to it is the
> proponent. Furthermore, it is the requirement of sound argumentation and
> debate that the person who makes a positive assertion back it up with
> evidence. To expect that a challenger should be able to make any wild
> assertion they wish, and then expect the defender to do the work of
> defending against those assertions with researched facts, is to pervert
> the idea of rational debate.
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I agree to some extent, that is one reason I was sorry I started this thread.
My information comes from so many different sources over so many years of
investigating what is and what is not I would be hard pressed to give sources and
for that I really am sorry. I seldom argue unless I have all my ducks in a
row. this time my out burst was emotional but based on literally dozens of
sources both scientific and from individuals affected. On the other hand you will
never see me accept the status quo without at least questioning the data. many
things in science are accepted dogma that may or may not be true. Sometimes
the way the opposition adheres to some ideas almost religious in nature. I can't
help but question authority, when I was in school many of my teachers really
disliked me because I asked why far too often and when I didn't get an answer
that made sense I would dive into the library. No Internet then:-( I was
amazed at how much of the stuff I was being taught was either out dated or simply
BS. A recent example is finding out that the theory of relativity has some
rather questionable ideas that might bring Einstein down in favor of Hendric
Lorentz. Most scientist follow Einstein with such a passion they will not even fund
the experiment that would settle the question for ever even if it would solve
such things as Quantum entanglement. So if I question reality occasionally on
this list please forgive me.

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