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Dear Todd,
Did some searching last night and found copies of the references for
my Master's thesis but not copies of my thesis. Fortunately, I know
I have at least 1 copy in my grandmother's basement. If necessary, I
will make a copy for you and mail it to you. Maybe you could email
me your address off-list. Also checked on my university's website
but no on-line copy there. So I guess I will just mail you a copy.
If anyone else wants a copy, if I have more than 2 copies, I will
mail you a copy. Otherwise, I will have to charge for copying and
shipping. Sorry, but I don't have tons of money just lying around.


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>From: "Brian J. Torreano" <headdarter at>
>Brian, that would be fantastic!
>I had thought last night about looking at it from a trophic standpoint,
>which would break up the minnows from the darters and suckers. May have an
>omnivore score that's diverse and even between the bluntnose, fathead and
>creek chubs... But if it were accumulative across trophic structure, and
>a big fat zero for benthic insectivores, it would fall behind in a site
>had an even distribution of darters.
>But for now... I have to worry wether my tests are one tailed or two
>wether I use the Z or the T, and what is all that ANOVA mess about anyway?
>The Muddy Maumee Madness, Toledo, OH
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