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For quick links to this info, hop on over to: (collecting trips) (in aquaria) (lil' ditty put together
for HS students)

I'm going to begin re-tooling the presentation today to be specific to
northwest Ohio. It should be a little better scripted, but this will give
you an idea, maybe even a template to work with.

Speaking of which... Anybody got a nice shot of a Blackstripe Topminnow? I
haven't gotten around to one just yet (which is monumentally frustrating
since I'd like them in my tank!). If not, maybe they have one up at the Zoo
and Jay'll let me take a photo or two of those "boring" Great Lakes fish ;)

Oh and thanks for your kind words Nick. And know that there's no

We're certifiably insane :)


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> Check out the farmertodd website. Todd has some great accounts of
> collecting trips that various members have done. He tells the story in a
> great way that all can relate to. He has pictures and all. He even has
> "extreme" collecting accounts-like this past winter when we seined up more
> ice than fish. Your students would probably think we are nuts but maybe
> could "touch" at least one of them.
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