Re: NANFA-- "Hey, let's release some fish!"
Sun, 18 Feb 2001 15:20:06 EST

I recommend that you get the top NANFA official for Mississippi to do
something about this problem. I think you should find out who he is and get
on him to do something pronto.

Prost & Toast
George Arndt
Harvard, MA

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<< Subj: Re: NANFA-- "Hey, let's release some fish!"
Date: 2/16/01 10:32:14 AM Eastern Standard Time

On 14 Feb 2001, at 10:51, Christopher Scharpf wrote:

> We all know the various reasons why exotic fishes get introduced into
> water bodies. But this one really takes the cake:

At one time in MS, licenses to culture Tilapia were issued (or NOT,
as the case may be) by the Division of Wildlife, Fisheries, and
Parks. Would-be fish farmers got pissed off and got the legislature
to change the issuing authority to the department of agriculture,
which promptly began handing out Tilapia permits to all and
sundry. Now we have reproducing Tilapia in state waters, surprise

One particular farm is well known to almost everybody as a willful
offender (releasing fish willy-nilly) and nothing is done to curb this
this bum.


Jackson, MS >>

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