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Do teachers even send kids to the library anymore? With the prevalence
of the web and all that information available at a couple of keystrokes
it must be difficult as a teacher to get kids to use the library. I've
often wondered if the library is now passe'. When my son was in
highschool they required the kids to have a balance of literary
references and Web references.

When I was in school (in prehistoric times), it was a question of plagiarism
if you hand wrote an exact statement without quotes and attribution. Then, it
became an issue if "Xeroxed" pages were stapled together for a report, without
proper attribution. Now it is a question of cutting and pasting
electronically and publishing as your own, without references. In all cases, it is clearly
the responsibility of the student and subsequently the teacher, to make sure
the student has done sufficient reading to learn from the process. At least in
my youth, a copy of a paragraph meant that at least the student had to read it.

Lee Harper
Media, PA
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