Re: NANFA-- AP story: Fish kill surfaces in Indiana race
Wed, 19 Jan 2000 15:15:59 EST

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<< I have great difficulty believing that this John Price guy cares in the
slightest about this river or any environmental issues beyond not having raw
sewer running through his own living room. >>

My view on John Price, even though I hate labeling someone:

Very far right wing, conservative, bible thumping, perennial candidate who is
not viable for any big office. He has his backers, primarily in very
conservative, fundamentalist church's. His big move in to the public eye was
several years ago when he publicly attacked a pair of local, morning radio
disc jockeys about their somewhat "shock radio" content. (Bob and Tom, a
nationally syndicated show.)

Don't get me wrong: I am personally conservative and right wing on many
things myself and agree with him on some issues. But most of the folks I
know consider him uncomfortably close to being "lunatic fringe" even here in
generally conservative Indiana. And he always comes across as being very
angry about everything and rarely positive about anything.

On the other hand, I welcome his support on this issue. Even if it is
possible his primary goal is to get back in to the center of public attention
and "get his name in the paper."

Perhaps all this attention will help preserve some other river. If
politicians and leaders in other parts of the country realize that the public
will no longer tolerate this type of preventable abuse to the ecosystem,
maybe they will take action to make sure it doesn't happen in their areas of

Endangered species in the affected White River area: I brought this up to
the list a week or so ago but got no response. The Indiana DNR website has a
downloadable file that shows areas containing endangered, at risk and species
of special concern by county. Right now, I can't download it, mostly due to
the fact I don't know much about computers and my C drive is full. (Can you
download it just to a disk?)

Anyway, yesterday I was downtown on business and stopped in the DNR's main
office in the State Office Building. My goal was to get a printed copy of
the document. I told a nice gentleman there what counties I wanted and he
promised to print them out and mail them to me by the end of the week. I
also observed when the subject of the White River fish kill comes us, he
became very careful and seemed to be uncomfortable with the subject. I guess
if I worked for the DNR, I would be too.

I reported earlier that I asked on camera at a public meeting if any
endangered, at risk or species of special concern were affected by the kill.
I was clearly told no, neither state or nationally listed species were
effected. I would like to verify that statement. If someone else is able to
download that file from the DNR site, please contact me off list and I will
tell you what counties I need the information on.

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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