Re: NANFA-- AP story: Fish kill surfaces in Indiana race

Dave Neely (
Wed, 19 Jan 2000 15:44:29 CST


>I brought this up to the list a week or so ago but got no response. >The
>Indiana DNR website has a downloadable file that shows areas >containing
>endangered, at risk and species of special concern by >county. Right now,
>I can't download it, mostly due to the fact I >don't know much about
>computers and my C drive is full. (Can you
>download it just to a disk?)

sorry, I meant to get to it and forgot. Below is a summary for affected
counties, transcribed from the IDNR web page. I'd bet almost anything that
most of the mussels listed occurred in the mainstem White- they aren't forms
that are usually found in small creeks. Does anyone else get the impression
that Indiana DNR is lying through their teeth, and trying to cover their
tails on this one?


Madison Co:
Pleurobema calva, Toxolasma parvum

Hamilton Co:
Ligumia recta, Obovaria subrotunda, Pleurobema clava, Quadrula cylindrica,
Toxolasma parvum, Villosa lienosa, Ammocrypta pellucida.

Marion Co:
Alasmidonta viridis, Epioblasma torulosa rangiana, Epioblasma triquetra,
Obovaria subrotunda, Pleurobema clava, Toxolasma parvum,
Venustaconcha ellipsiformis, Villosa lienosa, Ammocrypta pellucida, and
Percina evides.

Johnson Co:
Alasmidonta viridis, Epioblasma torulosa rangiana, Epioblasma triquetra,
Lasmigona fasciolaris(sp?),Obovaria subrotunda, Pleurobema clava,
Ptychobranchus fasciolaris, Quadrula cylindrica, Simpsonais
ambigua,Toxolasma parvum, Villosa fabialis, Villosa lienosa, Etheostoma
histrio, and Fundulus catenatus.

Morgan Co:
Epioblasma torulosa rangiana, Lampsilis ovata,Ligumia recta, Obovaria
subrotunda, Pleurobema clava, Pleurobema pyramidatum, Quadrula cylindrica,
Toxolasma parvum, Percina evides.

Monroe Co:
no aquatics listed that would have been affected.

Owen Co:
Fusconaia subrotunda, Lampsilis teres, Ligumia recta, Obovaria subrotunda,
Pleurbema clava, Pleurobema pyramidatum, Potamilis capax, Ptychobranchus
fasciolaris, Quadrula cylindrica, Ammocrypta pellucida.

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