Re: NANFA-- Minnow trap advice
Thu, 25 Jan 2001 18:47:11 EST

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<< would like to ask the nanfa members for advice on using a minnow trap.

many questions. like should I use a rope or light chain, how long 20 foot
long or longer or shorter.>>

I use a heavy duty, black, marine quality twine, about 20' long. The thinner
and cheapers stuff usually ends up with lots of knots and I spend too much
time untangling. Bought it at WalMart fishing department.

I use black for concealment. Sometimes I bury the line in sand or tie the
end to a large rock and place it a foot or two from the bank.

<< What kind of spots to look for that will not be disturbed by others. >>

The bathtub, providing no wife or kids. :>

I've only lost one and that was probably memory failure. I haven't tried it
yet, but picked up a roll of yellow tape that is used on construction sites.
My intentions are to put a little around a tree or rock near the trap.
Piling up rocks or driftwood nearby probably would also work in some
settings. I've spent too much time looking for traps rather than collecting.

Of course, check your laws regarding the use of traps. Links are on the
NANFA website.