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Sat, 27 Jan 2001 09:57:50 EST

when I come back into my next life time. I want to come back as a north
american native fish in one of your tanks. I can tell you really love and
take good care of your fish.

For me. I am going through a learning process of the mythological and
spiritual concept of ONEness. We are all ONE. we are NOT separate beings.
I can see that there is but ONE life force. that there is one life. we all
share that same life. so one fish eating another fish, is the mystery of
immortality. The ONE life keeps going on alive. But I don't understand it.
I guess that is why it is a mystery.

Oh yes. If there is only ONE. then how I treat my fish is how I treat
myself. When I show love and respect for my fish, for the rivers, ponds and
streams of the land, I am really showing love and respect for myself. And
our journey upon this earth is to come to love ourself. and thereby love
everything and everyone in this world.

George Arndt
Harvard, MA 01451

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Date: 1/26/01 6:03:11 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (B.G. Granier)

Someone once asked me if any fish I caught and kept captive, or maybe even
sent to another aquarist who is interested in the biological processes and
life spans of the subjects and I replied:

Look at it this way:

There aren't any predators in an aquarium, usually.
There are no extremes of weather.
There is always a food source.
The fry are always given shelter.
And a place to grow, safe from the other predators.

If I mail them to another hobbyist, they are safely packed in double bags.
It's dark and even though they may be jostled, they're already asleep in
their box surrounded by the cushioned effect of their water.

If now I should die, I'd love to be a fish in a dedicated aquarists' tank!

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