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Denkhaus, Robert (DenkhaR_at_Ci.Fort-Worth.TX.US)
Tue, 5 Jun 2001 13:20:17 -0500

The real question is who is the most dangerous or harmful to the cause? The
aggressive learner obviously can do the most good especially if he/she
takes it to the next level and aggressively teaches as well as learns. The
passive learner, since they don't ask questions often falls victim to
propaganda and misinformation and can easily be led off the path. The
passive ignorant don't care one way or the other and the aggressive ignorant
are easy to spot. For my money, the passive learners are the most dangerous
because they represent the masses and are susceptible to what the mass media
gives them. We among the aggressive learners need to step up and make sure
that the passive folks are getting the right information to keep them on
track and that goes back to the original topic of this thread...the need for

Rob Denkhaus
Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge
"El muerto a la sepultura, el vivo a la travesura"
"The dead to burial, the living to mischief"

> I stand corrected by the man from the Lone Star State!
> Well said, Rob.
> --
> Jay DeLong
> Olympia, WA
> > > >I think aggressive ignorance is an oxymoron, but I like it. (-:
> > >
> > > Not me-- I think it's redundant!
> > >
> > > --
> >
> >No, not redundant either, at least in most cases. There are
> those of us who
> >aggressively pursue knowledge and understanding and there
> are those who
> >passively absorb what they observe but don't ever ask any
> questions. There
> >are those who passively ignore what goes on around them and
> there are those
> >who aggressively avoid learning the truth and argue in an
> attempt to hold
> >onto their ignorance. I see it as a continuum.

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