Re: NANFA-- Re: NANFA-Need for Education
Tue, 5 Jun 2001 15:56:03 EDT

I hate to say it but I think Rush won this one on points! It was close but
you'll have to do better than that. The pupfish in question does indeed to
all intents and purposes seem to headed the way of the dinosaur. It's cute
fish and it should be given some leeway if possible I honestly doubt the
ecosystem will unravel from loosing that one fish. I would more likely want
to save the desert fish simply because it was plucky enough to survive in the
desert and it would be wrong to contribute to the demise of a fish that
struggled so hard to survive in almost impossible conditions. It could also
be used as an example of a simple ecosystem and the possibility of what we
could learn from that one thing should be enough to want to keep them alive.
Personally I am against causing the extinction of any species but keep in
mind that extinction is the ultimate fate of all species. Only the when and
how is in doubt. maybe we should keep in mind the series of books by David
Brin called the "Uplift War" someday our steward ship of this planet will
called into question and points are taken away for causing the extinction of


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