Re: NANFA-- Black Banded Sunfish
Wed, 31 Mar 2004 05:45:02 GMT

I bred some back in the 80's and though I can't seem to find my notes, I remember that one sex, females I think, almost completely lost their black bands during the time of egg laying but regained them as soon as they finished, whereas their counterpart's coloration and bands became even more distinct and sharper.

I had several each of Blackbanded and Bluespotted Sunfish in a 45 gallon and both species laid eggs at the same time in the same manner. The males would dig a small 1.5-2" depression next to a single val like plant(had about 12 large ones spaced thoughout the tank as well as a few pieces of drift wood). The males would repeatedly entice a female to their nest, then they would lay and fertilize the eggs. I had about six nests occupied by 3 males of each species. When egg laying was finished each male closely guarded their nest with a few juveniles and the females kind of crowded into the corners. The nests were almost perfectly spaced from each other about 12" apart.

It had no light other than the natural light from the window it stood in front of, except when I watched the fish. Then I'd move a small aquarium light from another tank.

After hatching the fry didn't last long and one by one the males gave up, though oddly the Black Bandeds hung in longer then the Bluespotted who were normally more aggressive. Those male Bluespots were gorgeous.
Mike Lucas
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