Re: NANFA-- A forward

R. W. Wolff (
Wed, 31 Mar 2004 10:44:55 -0600

I am not disagreeing with your points.

To use your example on drugs, would more funding stop it either? Probably
not. However, those that are caught for whatever reason can be made examples
out of. For the sake of discussion, let's say my orange throat example does
hold water. I want some local AL. darter or whatever. You catch some and
mail them to me. It just happens to be the day that USF&W is at the post
office waiting for an eagle feather shipment to bust. They see the package
marked live fish and see it is from AL. Being that many people know of both
of us, they decide to hang us both out to dry to show the rest of NANFA what
will happen if you muck with them. The law is the law, and can be read that
way if it is left in the vague wording that it is. Since they made examples
of both of us, it could be used to increase funding. Headlines read" Look at
the rampant underground transport of fish from state to state, officials
fear terrible things to come for the environment because of these
renegades". It won't certainly read" Fish hobbyists slip up under vague law
meant to stop the introduction of species dangerous to the ecosystems,
officials wonder how to procede in this case".

Maybe I am just blabbering about nothing, but I would think that these laws
need to be written to address the actual problem, and possibly not written
just to net more fine money from those doing things of little to no
consequence. That is what I am meaning. Why should yours and mine enjoyment
of darters and swapping some be ruled a felony when it's not what this law
seems to be after? Maybe it wouldn't happen for the reasons you mention, but
it's like getting away with speeding when no radar gun is hidden in the

Ray W.
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