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David Smith (
Tue, 7 Oct 2003 14:09:26 -0400

There are different sizes. I used to trap for blue crab commercially and we
used them to tie the trap wire together. The ones we used were small. They
tied coated heavy chicken wire together without any slop. If you are the
Mark from Wooster, Ohio there is a farm supply at 3200 Lincoln Way East that
has three sizes of hog rings. It is "PBS Animal House" and is in the phone
book. They are easy to use but if you get them too big they will only
tighten so far. There is a broader band used to put rabbit cages together
that may work for you. They are called J-clips and can be seen at Tractor

Dave Smith

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> The hog ring pliers may be what I need. Has anyone ever used these?
> Do the rings only close to a certain point or can they be closed down
> as tightly as needed to cinch up small bags? In other words, do the
> ends of the rings meet and stop there, or do they slide past each
> other so they can close down tighter around the bag top? If there is
> a limit to the minimum diameter of the ring, what is it? Thanks!
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