Re: NANFA-- Bison, Kansas, and wacko extreemists...

Dave Neely (
Wed, 20 Sep 2000 11:31:59 CDT


>No...that's not what I'm saying Dave and you damn well know it! What I >am
>saying is that it will be impossible to enforce these regulations on the
>literally tens or hundreds of thousands of small, privately owned farm
>ponds in this state. I'm all for stopping agricultural runnoff, I'm all

...and the new legislation provides a legal basis for accountability, which
hasn't been present before. The EPA isn't jumping down the throat of
individual farmers- much of the rest of this country has similar laws in
place, that are enforced primarily when larger operations muck things up...
Besides, shouldn't ALL bodies of water be safe for kids to swim in? To serve
as water supplies? I'm sorry Luke, but that's not idealism...

>a small stock pond on his land will be attacked, fined and labled a
>criminal by overzealous EPA people who don't go after the real polluters
>in this state like they should. Corporate hog farms (which will soon >come
>to the state in certain counties I understand) large commercial >feedlots,
>industry, cities, lawn-care companies and the like. But, and >someone made
>this observation earlier I believe, the big agencies >rarely go after those
>that can protect themselves but the "little guy" >who can't.

Sounds like you've been getting your info from Weekly World News and the Pat
Robertson channel again. Relax, take a deep breath.

>...But, they also have to feed their families and just about all
>of them feel they have a right to do so on their land...NOT that they
>intend to pollute and even WANT to pollute. They've been sold such a >huge
>"bill of goods" though by Federal, State and private agencies that >they
>HAVE to spray this, or MUST fertilize that to the point that they >are the
>scapegoats of a much bigger problem. IF THEY WERE GIVEN THE >WHOLE FACTS
>and not simply demonized and treated, as Dave has done, as >backward hicks
>who don't give a damn you would all be suprised at the >results and ASHAMED
>of your attitudes towards them.

Groundwater resources go beyond private land boundaries, or are you too
thick-headed to see that? I know several farmers who probably have a better
knowledge of hydrology, soils, and ecology than you do. Your portrayal of
farmers as being powerless is way off the mark. I agree that farmers are
critical to conservation efforts- and they should probably applaud this
decision. It's not hard to keep agricultural runoff out of streams, ponds,
etc. As stated before, a lot of the negativity is from politicians who have
spread misinformation, inciting the farming community.

It doesn't matter whether you are talking about Kansas, or Minnesota, or
Alabama, or wherever. A legal basis for protecting surface and groundwater
is necessary for the "common good."


(who rode his bike into work today, like every day...)

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