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Wed, 20 Sep 2000 10:38:46 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 19 Sep 2000, Dave Neely wrote:

> I believe the esteemed Mr. McClurg is referring to the following lawsuit
> (info from

Yes, that's the lawsuit I am referring to.

> How this is going
> to impact the citizens (both human and piscine) of Kansas is obvious- rather
> than it being [sic] "my rawght to pollute my awn goldang land," who is being insulting?

> it will
> provide accountability to individuals or corporations who knowingly
> discharge contaminants into Kansas waters (and yess, farm ponds are
> classified as Kansas waters). This includes pollutants from agricultural
> operations. Why is this critical? Much of Kansas is underlain with
> limestone... so the stuff on top of the land eventually winds up IN the
> groundwater. Lawrence, KS municipal water supplies have elevated levels of
> atrazine and cyanazine (weedkillers)[data from
>]. Why should this
> worry anyone living in Kansas? It shouldn't, right Luke?

No...that's not what I'm saying Dave and you damn well know it! What I am
saying is that it will be impossible to enforce these regulations on the
literally tens or hundreds of thousands of small, privately owned farm
ponds in this state. I'm all for stopping agricultural runnoff, I'm all
for breaking the cycle of lies that the Agro-chemical industry has been
peddling to decent, hard working farmers and ranchers for the last 70
years or so. But what I DO see happening is "Joe Farmer or Rancher" with
a dozen head or so of cattle or a 20 or 30 acres of tilled ground who has
a small stock pond on his land will be attacked, fined and labled a
criminal by overzealous EPA people who don't go after the real polluters
in this state like they should. Corporate hog farms (which will soon come
to the state in certain counties I understand) large commercial feedlots,
industry, cities, lawn-care companies and the like. But, and someone made
this observation earlier I believe, the big agencies rarely go after those
that can protect themselves but the "little guy" who can't. In all
likelihood, this could put a severe crimp in small farmers and ranchers

Look, I grew up among the country people of Kansas. I KNOW that without
them, despite what all the state agencies say, wildlife in Kansas would be
a pretty sorry state of existence. It's the farmers and ranchers who
provide the habitat, protection and who support the conservation of
wildlife. But, they also have to feed their families and just about all
of them feel they have a right to do so on their land...NOT that they
intend to pollute and even WANT to pollute. They've been sold such a huge
"bill of goods" though by Federal, State and private agencies that they
HAVE to spray this, or MUST fertilize that to the point that they are the
scapegoats of a much bigger problem. IF THEY WERE GIVEN THE WHOLE FACTS
and not simply demonized and treated, as Dave has done, as backward hicks
who don't give a damn you would all be suprised at the results and ASHAMED
of your attitudes towards them.

The biggest problem in this whole debate is ignorant people from outside
who really don't know the situation, but sit back self-righteously and
proclaim their cure for the world while they waste their electricity, have
their own babies, pump gas in their SUV's, call ORKIN when the termites
are seen, build their wood frame houses and then cluck their tongue and
those "poor, stupid, backwards people that can't talk right or who are too
ignorant to know what's good for them..." And THAT is a "...bunch of bull
made up by left-wing extremist Gore supporters"...right DAVE? I'll have
another glass of water while you go gas up your car...

Why, it's probably
> all a bunch of bull made up by left-wing extreemist Gore supporters, right
> Luke? Have another glass of water...


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