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Mon, 11 Sep 2000 10:06:23 -0500

Traditional resources no, but traditional fuel types will not allow that
kind of travel, so it becomes a moot point. In order to realize the promise
of leaving this planet new forms of travel and propulsion will have to be
invented. Our current technology will not support the types of travel
needed to reach out of our own solar system. IMHO.

I also don't know about the fact that we need to leave the earth to sustain
our own existence. I do feel that some tough decisions will need to be made
in the next 100 years and our ability to make those decision, before it's
too late, will be key. Things like limiting population growth, strict land
use regulation and such are not popular themes. Bringing these up will
quickly shatter any politicians hopes of holding office, but those are the
kinds of things that will need to be addressed. I also feel that for
mankind to exist on this planet we need to drop this national interest crap
and inhabit the planet as Earthlings/Human Beings instead of as Europeans
or Americans or Chinese or whatever. The entire planet needs to be "One
nation under God(s)." If we can do that and get past our petty human
differences, then the future looks bright. On a small scale we have been
able to do many great things. In many respects the environment is in better
shape now then it was 50 years ago. But there is a lot to be done and some
very large obstacles to overcome. We have the power to do it, are we smart
enough to realize it? The cynic in me says no, mankind will kill itself
fighting over petty differences and meaningless border wars. The optimist
in me says yes and it will be glorious. The realist in me says I will see
neither and pray for my children and grandchildren to have the wisdom and
the strength to succeed where we failed.

My $.02 worth (may be less depending on your ideals)

Ty "That's enough deep thought for a Monday" Hall

Very good points!.. I would like to know how we are going to "get off" the
planet in the first place, because the question that enters my mind is
there be enough "fuel resources" left to get us outta here by the time that
time comes????

>Subject: Re: NANFA-- choices
>Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2000 07:23:01 EDT
>In a message dated 9/9/00 3:38:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
><< n the long run, none of this matters. There is no way to curb the
> population growth, and we will just have to give up nature in favor of
> survival. Trees, meadows, polar ice, and yes, even fish are all going
> given up in the name of survival of this building swarm of people.
> >>
>Unfortunately you are correct, but off world colonies as you say are not
>intended to relieve the over population here no more than emigrating from
>Europe relieved the population pressure there when the "new" world was
>discovered. Off world colonies would be great for the individuals lucky
>enough to take advantage of the opportunity but in the long run it would
>be a way of getting all our eggs out of the same basket in case of a
>planetary disaster. Or in the case of terraforming spread life away from
>earth kinda like the earths biosphere reproducing with us as the gametes.
>I think humans are destined to spread through out the galaxy, if we don't
>we'll die, it's as simple as that. The earth can't support us forever, (We
>foul our own nest) sooner or later, to survive, we'll have to make our own
>ecosystems and habitats. Lets hope we have the sense to take as much of
>earths biosphere with us as we can.

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