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Thu, 21 Sep 2000 00:39:05 EDT

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<< The "brain jelly fish" are the
ones in a recent thread that had links to pictures. I dont remember their
actual name, but they were the ones that grew in big colonies, usually
attached to some cover or structure. >>

Oh! You mean gelatinous "brain coral" bryozoans! (kinda cumbersome-sounding I
know) I thought that you were referring to the freshwater jellyfish. The
bryozonas sound like they'd be cool to see too, tho' ; I've never seen them
that big before. I have some like that behind my house but they're not hard
like you and Moon were talking about. Maybe it's because mine don't get as
big; the pool dries out before they get a chance to be bigger than a golf
ball. Or maybe they're a different, but similar-looking species. I would
imagine that it would be the former.

<< I can never find a good reference -ala peterson
feild guides - to fresh water shellfish. >>

Yeah, that irks me too. I don't know a lot of times if what I'm seeing is
native or introduced, or what species it is. A good comprehensive national or
state guide which concentrated solely on these creatures (Michigan for me of
course) would be helpful.

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