Re: NANFA-- Collecting in Wisconsin today

R. W. Wolff (
Thu, 21 Sep 2000 00:06:03 -0700

> Oh! You mean gelatinous "brain coral" bryozoans! (kinda
cumbersome-sounding I
> know) I thought that you were referring to the freshwater jellyfish. The
> bryozonas sound like they'd be cool to see too, tho' ; I've never seen
> that big before. I have some like that behind my house but they're not
> like you and Moon were talking about. Maybe it's because mine don't get as
> big; the pool dries out before they get a chance to be bigger than a golf
> ball. Or maybe they're a different, but similar-looking species. I would
> imagine that it would be the former.

Yeah, whatever the case may be, I am not sure. They are not really hard,
more like soft glass. If you drop one on a hard surface ( we used to toss
these on the highway when kids) they shatter like glass. They are as common
as dirt here too, we always thought they were frog or bug eggs. They do
hold their shape when removed from water. I would imagine they need a
longer growing season to reach large mass size. Also deep water, the ones
near shore in 6 inches of water are usually smaller, and the ones in deep
( here deep water is 8 foot) in three foot of water are the giants.

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