Re: NANFA-- Collecting in Wisconsin today

R. W. Wolff (
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 11:05:13 -0700

This also bothers me. If you can't touch any mussels in Michigan (state)
because of zebra mussels, thats going to far. Anyone can tell a zebra
mussel from our native freshwater clams. I know of no species that attaches
to hard surfaces, and only one with stripes, and these are bright aqua
colored stipes on a yellow background. This clam also has the typical
shape, rather than the shape the zebra mussels have. Here is another folly
in exotics managment in my opinion. You can not possess white perch in
Wisconsin because they are introduced to Lake Michigan. Why not instead
have a no bag limit, no size limit on them, but they must be transported on
ice ( dead) . Fishermen could catch tons of them, eat them , there by
removing them econimically from the system. How about replacing commercial
fishing for the impacted yellow perch with white perch? If white perch are
pelagic like white bass, then the yellow perch would not be harvested much
on accident with the white perch. Seems odd to me. I also read the gobies
are used as food fish in their native waters , promote them as food fish.
If over fishing is really so devastating to fish stocks, then it would seem
to me that this would be the best cheapest method to remove these species.
Also, the threat of fisherman introducing them elsewhere, the ones who would
do this illegally now, would do it with my plan as well so I doubt there
would be any difference in that respect. That is the supposed reason you
cannot possess them. I also find it funny that it is alright to ( they even
have special stamps and such ) fish salmon that are stocked in the great
lakes etc. Any wonder why people like me hold the system in contempt on
many issues?

> This cracks me up. Zebra mussels are said to remove PCB's from Lake
> Michigan. That's good. But in Wisconsin you cannot remove their old shells
> from the beach areas so the deteriorate and put the PCB's right back in
> water. Why don't they clean up the old shells laying on the beaches???
> Seems like a no brainer to me. Remove the shells and help remove the
> Ty

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