Re: NANFA-- korean meal... gotta sit down for this.

Bruce Stallsmith (
Thu, 07 Sep 2000 12:04:18 EDT

I was on the Hiwassee trip to which you refer with the galactura. We caught
one large male that I remember, which to my recollection didn't have a pink
face. I think Patrick Vinas kept the fish, which unfortunately died soon

On the culinary note, when I was fishing for striped bass in Boston Harbor
'bout 10 years ago my group came across 4 Vietnamese guys with a 40 foot
seine on a beach in Quincy, MA. They had a 5 gal. bucket half full of
mummichogs, sticklebacks and silversides. We asked what they were going to
do with the fish, and they replied that they made stews out of them. This
was mind-blowing from the perspective that this is the most polluted part of
the harbor with human poop, and the fish they were going to eat were
year-round residents in these shallow waters. Other than that, mummichogs
would seem to be edible... I ain't never tried though.

--Bruce Stallsmith
The Lawnmower City, AL

>4] I had seen a pic of whitetail shiner [Cyprinella galactura] in Fishes of
>book that shows the shiner with pink face. Are whitetail in the east
>similar? What
>about a pink whitetail [in Hiwasee?] that was mentioned earlier sometimes
>ago in
>this list?
>5] Has anyone here seen nupital male ironcolor shiner? What do they look

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