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NANFA doesn't exist to declare moratoriums. There's plenty of Federal,
State and Private agencies that _do_ exactly that... One which their
listings of imperiled organisms bluntly states those listed organisms are
exactly that... imperiled. One that still seemed to be in shades of gray
and rationalized in your rebuttal. Perhaps it's a shade of blue now?

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> I had a rather disturbing conversation with one of my friends at the
Mississippi Museum of Natural Science yesterday. It seems that
> somebody has been plundering welaka for the "Pet Trade". Mike suspects
that a "German aquarist" is responsible, but asked me to
> see if I could find out anything. According to him, sites that have been
productive for the last 15 years are now void of welaka. I am
> wondering if any of my southern brethren have heard of such a person? Not
that I think that a foreign aquarist is necessarily involved,
> but this is very upsetting in any case. As Chris knows, I have been
kicking around the idea of writing an article on how the range of
> this fish has changed over the years. Due to intense time pressure I
haven't really made any headway on this, but the little
> information I have gathered is alarming. Some of you may gather from my
"point-counterpoint" dialog with Gene Helfman (I think it's
> in this issue of A/C, unless Chris decided it was too controversial) that
I am gung-ho about collecting "special concern" species
> which do not enjoy legal protection. This is not the case at all, as I
hope I communicated in my rebuttal. P. welaka is one of those
> fish which is not protected in MS, but is listed as "special concern". I
am almost to the point of asking NANFA to declare an official
> moratorium on collecting this fish, but I need to get my facts in order
first. If there is a reckless individual out there, and anybody
> has any idea who it might be, PLEASE help me in identifying him.
> Prost,
> Martin
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