Collecting There are lots of ways to collect fish.  Dipnetting is very simple and can sometimes even be done from the shore without getting wet.  A seine is probably the most often used tool.  And there are a variety of techniques that can be applied depending on the water depth and flow.  Electroshocking usually requires special permits, and obviously requires more specific equipment, but can be very effective in certain situations.

Shown here are some NANFAs demonstrating a few of the basic methods.

Dipnetting is often imployed in shallow swampy areas
Mingo Swamp
Seines can also be effective in  some swamps
Conasauga Seining       
Sometimes seining becomes a team sport, as this group is showing.
South Chick
In fast water, holding a brail can be a full time job!
Seining Under
In some habitats, you have to be able to reach under the bank
Backpack Shocker
A battery powered backpack shocker
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