American Currents Archive on CD

All of American Currents on compact disc. You can own PDFs of every issue of American Currents published between 1972 and present.
CD #1 contains the years 1972-1988. CD #2 contains the years 1989-present.

Discs for NANFA Members
Discs if you are not a NANFA Member
Shipping $5 for one or both CDs.

Snorkeling the HIDDEN RIVERS of Southern Appalachia

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These books have been donated to be sold through the NANFA website.  They are being provided to NANFA by the author, our very own Casper Cox. Providing a donation back to NANFA!

Each book is lay flat spiral bound sized 8" x 8"

$30 each plus $10 shipping no matter how many you order

Buy more than one and pay no extra shipping

NANFA logo decals

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Five in a set, each with a different native fish, $15 per set (includes shipping), size 5.5" x 4.5"
Shipping included in the price.

NANFA vinyl velcro patch

Each vinyl patch has the "hard side" of the velcro as part of the patch, and comes with a square of the "soft side" of velcro that you can sew or glue based on your needs.

Patches are $10 each(includes shipping), approx. size 4" x 3.75"

Shipping included in the price.

Official NANFA T-shirt Southern Redbelly Dace

A new NANFA shirt. Not black, but a softer charcoal colored shirt. These are a 65% poly 35% cotton blend and will dry much quicker than 100% cotton.

The front features the Southern Redbelly Dace. Lance Merry worked with an illustration his Dad Kevin did a few years back.

Note: the Rainbow Darter logo will remain the official NANFA logo. This is just a subtle play on our logo. The shirt's back retains the black and white version of NANFA's official logo along with our mission statement.

Official NANFA Shirts.

65% poly 35% cotton blend

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Shipping $5 per t-shirt.

Official NANFA Logo Cap

Limited numbers of the colors shown are available. Check the drop down menu for your favorite color.

Colors Now Available
Shipping $5 per cap

2019 Convention T-shirt - Mississippi

Here is the final T-Shirt art approved by our MS hosts. The shirts will be printed using a dye sublimation technique like last year's Georgia shirts. The shirt is the same 100% poly quick dry material, in a nice sand color. Everyone attending the convention will get a shirt.

Mississippi NANFA 2019 Convention Shirts.

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Shipping $5 per t-shirt.

2017 Convention T-shirt - Missouri

This shirt features a unique design with original artwork of Blue Suckers from our very own Olaf Nelson.

Blue shirts for blue suckers, full-color silkscreen on 100% cotton shirts.

Missouri NANFA 2017 Convention Shirts.

Full-color silkscreen on 100% cotton navy blue shirts.

Choose your size
Shipping $5 per t-shirt

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