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> i never thought that viewpoint existed. that shows my limited thinking.
> cosidering it i could believe a lot of folks can have that view.

Yeap, they just don't know. NANFAns are part of the 5% in the know, another
90% are just out there trying their best with what information they do have
(to hell with the 5% that just take and take and take.)

I've found if you spend a little time with most people, they're immediately
enlightened, engaged, and ready to take ownership of _their_ natural
history... They get extremely excited about what does live out there, and
are really willing to think and give a little bit extra effort to offset or
change any harmful things they weren't aware they were doing. This again,
my friend, is why we spend time writing all this stuff up :)

This is also why, when people start asking the line of questions, I give
them the Matrix line:

"Do you want the red pill or the blue pill? Cause this rabbit hole
just keeps on goin'..."

I certainly don't want to open eyes that don't want to see ;)

I'm going to have to get back down there for a Little snorkelin'. Jeff and
I drove a portion of the gorge on Lookout. It was incredible. Especially
the waterfall-in-De Soto SP. We went there on a whim and got our doors
blown off when we got past the dam and out to the falls. If you're ever in
this area, I highly advise going to see this river. Watch your locality and
what permits you have if you're collecting though. If you step backward,
you're suddenly in Georgia. We were all eyebally to W Chick Creek and then
realized we didn't have the appropriate liscences.

Thanks for writing it up Casper!

The Muddy Maumee Madness, Toledo, OH
It's never too late to have a happy childhood.
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