Re: NANFA-L-- fish transportation
Mon, 14 Aug 2006 17:04:37 EDT

as for cooler designs...
ive been studying coolers for the couple of years because my old coleman has
internal cracks and the lid's 2 plastic hinges and drain plug recently
snapped off. i like to wear something out before buying a replacement and it looks
like im overdue. if i buy a new one i want it ideal for my usage.

both of my coleman coolers have always seemed to slosh out as the area they
rest in is always wet after a trip.
ive tried to apply weather stripping to the area around the tops lip but
that has not worked. the plastics coolers are made from are kinda "teflonish" so
adhesives and silicone caulk do not stick well.

what i am looking for in a new cooler is a VERY snug fitting lid, no too
large as it must be easy for me to carry when they are half full, a drain...
gotta have that ( ive modified my coleman's w/ a screen so the fish dont swim
out :) and im thinking the built in wheels and handle could be nice... maybe. i
also like when they come w/ a handy plastic tray but have not seen any of

the ability to add or insert a perforated divider might be nice. it would
also act as a baffle to minimize excessive sloshing. maybe the sloshing does not
bother them as some have commented.

i like to use soft plastic plants so fish can hide it while at rest... but
perhaps even these are abrasive while traveling.

pumping in hot summer air. this probably is not be a good idea but
conversely you gotta have some kind of aireation. ive tried putting the battery air
pump in the cooler's plastic tray. but the fish can then jump or are sloshed
into the tray and die. maybe we need a submersible air pump w/ its air intake
wrapped in foam inside at a top corner. probably would not work once the foam
got wet.

for hot days and summer transport... ive found it best to have another
cooler of ice handy. every few hours i will fill a ziplock back full of ice and
float it. this really keeps the water temp down. but i dont like the temperature
fluctauting up and down several times during the day.

all and all... any collecting i do... i try to do on the last day of a trip.
keeping fish alive during travels can really become worrisome and
frustrating for me.

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